Grey's Anatomy TM Meredith Black Patent

Grey's Anatomy <sup>TM</sup> Meredith Black Patent
Item# G1400-005

Product Description

Introducing Meredith, combining technology and innovation to deliver the all day support and comfort you deserve to wear with your favorite Grey's Anatomy outfit.
-Athletic Performance
-Slip Resistant Shoe
-Memory Foam Cushioning

Heel Counter
A molded stabilizing support piece placed between the lining and upper to keep the heel shape consistent over many wearings.

V Gore
Elastic fit feature designed to allow easier slip on and holds the instep firmly in place while walking.

Arch Cookie
A custom added piece of multi-layers of support to the footbed placed in a neutral position for a wide range of foot arch types. This created an anti-fatigue support system.

Heel Seat
The area below the heel pad of your foot has dual density cushioning that maintains foot position while delivering best in class cushion and a feel of softness.

A Stabilizing nylon piece fitting into a special recessed channel at the top of the mid sole prevents twisting and gives lateral support required for quick movements and complete control.

Mid Sole
The custom durometer or hardness of the midsole delivers superior shock absorption and energy return with each stride on any surface.

The bottom of the shoe consists of both anti-slip rubber inserts and with a self cleaning tread pattern and lightweight closed polymer athletic EVA. The combination delivers per and durability.

The Meredith features a custom footbed with an added arch cookie for extra support and all day comfort. The deep memory foam cradles the individual foot for increased support and shock absorption.

The forepart or front of the shoe upper is engineered to follow the smooth natural shape of the foot without creating pinching or rubbing.

Padded Collar
The Padded Collar along the top line and quarters provides extra cushioning to the contact points between the foot and the upper.